Efficiency, low speed (0.1 rpm) and pulsations have been measured on a 28cc Floating Cup pump with 24 pistons. To make a comparison of the test data possible, a bent-axis pump and a slipper type pump have been tested under the same conditions. Eficiency measurements on the variable 28cc FC pump and fixed 24cc pump motor are also available, in a pressure range between 50 and 350 bar. Measurements were conducted in accordance with ISO 4409, by the Technical Universities of Aachen and Eindhoven.

Fixed and variable displacement pump & motors have been subject to extensive endurance testing, which did not lead to significant wear of critical interfaces, such as barel and portplate, pistons and cups and swash block bearings. The performance of the pump remains in tact, also after thousands of testing hours, and going through millions of load cycles.


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